Sunday, March 25, 2018

Peacefully Unknown Neighbors

"Peacefully Unknown Neighbors"
By Mike Wilson
"This picture is of Donnie and Donna Winchester from a few years ago.  They were spending one of many sunny afternoons enjoying the lake and each other's peaceful company while in the foreground a resting squirrel munches on a snack.  Neither was aware of the other but I captured them co-existing among God's creation.  Donnie has since passed."  from Mike Wilson

I love this photo.  There is so much you can read into it.  The peaceful connection between the squirrel and the Winchesters is the most obvious. 

What I love the most is the look on the Winchesters faces.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen this look - folks just staring at the waters of Kentucky Lake, relaxed, comfortable and peaceful.  And you wonder how many years they've been coming to this same spot or another overlooking the lake, just to sit, look and be at peace.

And from a personal standpoint, it makes me remember that I started coming to the lake when I was about eight years old and now that I'm in my sixties - I'm still in awe of this beautiful lake.